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Dust Hazards at Work

Airborne Dust, Health Hazard within Industrial and Manufacturing Arena, Dust Filtration

Wherever there is a risk of airborne dust within the work environment, such as in industrial plants, manufacturing sites and workshops, it poses a health and safety hazard. Dust of varying types can be found in many places, and in some places which are not so obvious. Some of the recognised forms of dust pollutants include:-

  • Mineral dusts
  • Metallic dusts
  • Chemical dusts
  • Organic & vegetable dusts
  • Biohazards

unimatic Airborne dust is a major issue due to its association with certain well known occupational lung diseases like pneumoconiosis. The problem of inhalation of airborne dust is an ongoing one and can be found in all corners of the world, where it can cause disease, disability and sometimes even death.

The presence of dust in the working environment is also responsible for contaminating and compromising the quality of products, causing fires and explosions and damaging machinery and the general surroundings. Employees who become ill, suffer through inability to work and earn a living, and productivity is also negatively affected. Whether dust can be seen in the air or not, the atmosphere can still contain dangerous levels, so it is wise to err on the side of caution.

Mineral, Organic, Vegetable, Dust, Health Implications

Mineral Dusts – are produced by the breaking down and separating of materials such as coal, stone and cement during processes like quarrying and construction. Mineral dusts from materials like quartz, can consist of silica which is particularly dangerous. Abrasive blasting when cleaning buildings or small objects and glass etching involving sand can cause serious health impairment also.

Organic and Vegetable Dusts – include cotton, textiles, wood, flour, pollen and tea. Individuals working within the food processing or agricultural field might come into contact with these pollutants. Preparation, transportation, handling and bagging up of these materials can result in dust particles in the air, which may lead to respiratory issues. Dust from animal waste products, feathers, leather, compost and waste food are all on the list.

Metallic, Chemical & Biohazard Airborne Waste, Dust Collection Units

Metallic Dust – is created by metallurgic processes and foundry practices like cast and mould preparation and removal and stripping of paint and rust. The automotive industry is a major producer of waste including airborne dust. Lead, cadmium, nickel and their compounds come under the heading of materials that may produce hazardous metallic dusts.

Chemical Dusts – are extremely harmful and come in the form of powdered chemicals within the pharmaceutical industry, pesticide production, agriculture and rubber manufacture.

Biohazards – can be dust particles which appear in the form of moulds and spores, giving rise to a whole host of problems and health concerns when entering the body.

Local Exhaust Ventilation [LEV] Legal Requirement, Bespoke Dust Extraction Units

4-Cartridge-Electronics These work related hazards can be prevented, managed and controlled within the workplace, often without breaking the bank. The Health & Safety Executive states that – ‘The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, requires employers to provide and maintain working conditions that are safe and without risk to the health of employees, so far as is reasonably practicable.’

Local Exhaust Ventilation [LEV] systems, can address this legal requirement, and effectively deal with airborne contaminants before they are breathed in, rendering any environment which is at risk from dust pollution, safe for individuals.

Dust Extraction & Collection Units from Stock

Good quality, high performance dust extraction and collection units such as the Unimatic range provide a market leading solution to the problem of dust collection and eradication.

Our range of ATEX Compliant extraction units covers most workplace dust collection requirements, see Performance Criteria page. See also the unique specification of our system on the Specification page.

Please also visit Specification Options page for details of bespoke options.

We manufacture a range of dust extraction and collection units for stock. We can also supply bespoke dust collection units on a 4-6 week turn around.

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