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Is Food Industry Dust Harmless or Dangerous?


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We all battle to keep dust at bay in our homes, and dusting is a basic part of the housekeeping routine. The desire for a clean, dust free environment is an aspect of modern living providing us with healthy and pleasant surroundings.

But dust can be more than just unsightly and annoying, and some types of dust represent a serious hazard, especially within industrial environments. Most manufacturing or processing will produce dust of some kind whether it’s from metal, wood, plaster or other materials. The food industry generates a significant amount of combustible material which may explode or cause fires. A wide range of products can create potentially flammable dust, such as flour, sugar, instant coffee, dried milk, soup powder and custard powder. Processes such as grinding, milling and spray drying of milk are guaranteed to create this explosive dust, along with moving and storing of goods like grains, meals and flours. The materials may be at any stage such as in their raw state, intermediate, finished product or waste. Factors like the presence of moisture and particle size, will affect the likelihood of explosion, and certain materials like maltodextrin pose a particular risk of dust production, static build up and possible explosion.

Where a cloud of combustible dust accumulates, an explosion can occur if:-

A. There is a certain ratio of dust within the air.

B. A strong enough source of ignition is present.

Ignition sources of course include sparks, and most manufacturing plants follow Health and Safety approved procedures to limit the chance of sparks being created. Ideally both of these situations [A and B] need to be excluded in order to ensure a safe and healthy work place, meaning removal of dust from the air.

Effective dust and fume extraction [LEV systems], are an accepted and vital step in protecting the health and safety of workers in any industrial setting. They collect and dispense of dust particles and limit health damaging exposure to this hazardous material. Find out more about our high quality Unimatic Dust Collection Units by calling 0191 262 2882.

Control of Hazardous Combustible Dust created by Food Industry Processing, British Made Dust Extraction

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