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Please see below some examples of the applications in which our industrial dust extraction and collector units are used.

Plastics Processing Plant, Tyne & Wear


We have done previous work for this client, installing pipe work and some small scale dust extraction. The client has invested in some plastic routing equipment and we were asked to design and install the extraction system for it.

The client has some specific requirements for this extraction project, requiring a bespoke unit. We had to design it to fit in a small space and we also changed the inlet position to one that is better suited to the client’s needs.

This dust extraction system has 2 zones, one serves a large CNC router, the other zone serves four smaller machines. We specified this as a 16 cartridge collection unit. The remote mounted extract fan assembly has a with noise reduction silencer, with clean air discharge back into the factory.

The design features of this bespoke system have been configured to assist with optimal material collection. The CNC routing equipment produces a lot of debris, which would normally inlet into the top of the unit. Our design has brought them in below the cartridges, to allow heavy material to fall directly into the hopper and bins.

Fine material is drawn upwards towards the filter cartridges and cleaned off using the compressed air pulse facility. Inherent in the design is an external flange connection, which prevents the build up of material on any internal return edges.

On this unit, the legs are longer than standard, to accommodate a larger capacity bin – configured to use plastic bags in the bins – allowing waste to be disposed of without moving the bins.

4 Cartridge Electronics

Electronics Plant

Installation : Dust extraction system with 4 Cartridge unit and integral extract fan assembly

Application : small component powder coating facility

This installation included specially designed extract hoods to provide high level & low level point of source extraction of dust emissions from within the facility enclosure. All of the hoods are connected to a common ductwork system, feeding out to the dust collection unit.

8 Cartridge Electronics

Electronics Plant

Installation : Dust Extraction system with 8 Cartridge unit with remote floor mounted extract fan assembly and noise reduction silencer on discharge
Application : Multiple Curing Furnaces Belt Cleaners to remove dust contaminant from with enclosure

32 Cartridge Maltings

Malting Plant

Installation : Dust Extraction system with 32 Cartridge unit mounted on steelwork assembly with increased capacity hopper with remote floor mounted extract fan assembly located in an acoustic enclosure and noise reduction silencer on discharge

The extraction system is split into 4 zones, operated on a selective basis, controlled via pneumatic slide gate dampers. Each extraction zone will service various extraction points from the conveyor belt transition points.

Versatile Modular Design

The unique Unimatic units are supplied as a fully bolted assembly. This has two major benefits:-

  1. Specification and dimension variations are easier to accommodate.
  2. Units are delivered to site in two sections requiring just one joint to make to install.

Dust Extraction System – Construction Testing Lab

A company testing soil samples have a lab where they break up samples from build sites and land fill sites. Unimatic designed and built a dust extraction system to capture the final particles that are emitted from the manual break up process. Collection points included small diameter flexible extraction arms, bench mounted extract hoods and direct machine connections. All are connected via a common extract ductwork system to an externally mounted 8 cartridge dust collection unit with remote mounted extract fan assembly.

The available footprint for this extraction unit is very restricted and so the unit was delivered to site in two sections and assembled in situ with only one joint between the hopper and the filter body.

Plaster Moulding Plant, Midlands

This customer in the Midlands is a plaster of Paris manufacturing plant, producing materials for cornices and other products, primarily for the construction industry. For this very challenging environment, an 8 cartridge Unimatic dust extraction unit was specified. For this supply only contract our client arranged installation of the unit and is very satisfied with its performance.

Unimatic Units - British Made & Available From Stock

Dust Extraction Units, ATEX Compliant, Made in Britain, Available From Stock

Unimatic has a strong background in the manufacture of LEV dust extraction units in a range of applications including automotive plants, welding shops, process plants and offshore environments.

We build dust and fume extraction units on demand, to meet customers’ specific requirements. We also now carry a range of standard spec dust extraction units, available on 7 – 10 day delivery. All of our units are built in the UK, using British components.

Please see Model Details for more information, or call us on 0191 262 2882 for details.

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