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Pulse Controllers

Pulse Controllers

Electronic Pulse Controller

Detail on Unimatic Dust Collection Units Pulse Control

Individual / Single width units have a Pulse Controller only.

Double / Triple / Quadruple width units have a Pulse Controller and a drone unit per other section, interconnected to the main Pulse Controller.

Pulse Controller Operational Options


  1. DP Sensor – system is idle until a set differential pressure is achieved over the filter cartridges and the system instigates a number of clean cycles to reduce pressure back down to normal operation.
  2. Pressure switch – similar to above but requires remote signal from an external device.
  3. Bypassed – the pulse system operates continually whilst the extract system is in use, with pulse duration as dictated by the settings.

Pulse Control Background Detail


Our basic digital pulse control can act continuously, on a timer, or on filter pressure differential. In some applications, having compressed air pulsing continuously or on a timer can waste compressed air – an unnecessary cost. Activation by filter pressure differential may enable a unit to run for weeks without pulsing, with a healthy saving in compressed air cost.

Unimatic Industrial Dust Collection & Extraction Units LEV Pulse Control Options. British Made, Manufactured in UK. Modular Space Saving Design & Construction. Easy Assembly.

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