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Reducing Dust Related Hazards in the Workplace

Dust Extraction Units, Standard or Bespoke Dust Collection, Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Fire logistics imageThe role played by Local Exhaust Ventilation [LEV] units within the manufacturing arena, cannot be underestimated. There are many production processes which create dust of all kinds, whether its metal, wood or organic dust. All types of dust are hazardous to health, and it is a legal requirement for employers and companies to take adequate measures to protect employees and members of the public while on the premises.

Anybody who has had home improvement work done will know that dust generated in one part of the home or building, will result in a fine layer of dust in rooms quite a distance away. Dust can even be found inside closed cupboards, and when you apply this to a work environment where people are exposed to airborne dust continually, you can see why people need to be protected.

Along with the risk to health presented by all forms of dust, there is the issue of safety arising from hazards like explosions caused by dust particles. Within the industrial landscape, over 80% of the materials used are combustible, meaning that any dust found here is also dangerous. This dust is found in machine rooms, rafters, hidden spaces and even on the outer surface of dust collection systems.
This type of hazard is seen globally, and in the UK and Europe thankfully, this kind of explosion is fairly rare due to the strict government measures imposed. This does not mean that there is any complacency though, as dust related explosions remain an important cause for concern across the board.

Minimising risk is a priority and records and procedures are required to be put in place to ensure that:-

Sparks are eliminated
Operations and equipment which produce dust are isolated
Explosion vents are in place
Foreign material is eliminated
Equipment and accessories are adequately earthed

The installation of Unimatic reverse pulse jet dust collection units, provides a solution to the problem of dust within the workplace, and standard models can be ready in 7 – 10 days. Bespoke units have an exceptionally fast turn around of 4 – 6 weeks. Call us on 0191 262 2882

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