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Spec Options

Spec Options

20150702_173503Specification Options for Unimatic LEV Dust Collection Units

Casing Material

  • Steel Powder Coated standard specification. Alternative colours – optional
  • Alternative casing materials i.e. stainless steel, various grades – optional

Unit Size/Configuration/Filter Media

  • Dependent upon air volume flow rate / application
  • Alternative inlet and/or outlet connection positions

Unit Size/Configuration/Filter Media

Filter Cartridge Alternative Media and Filter Area to suit:

  • 80/20 Cellulose / Synthetic Blend
  • Flame Retardant
  • Polyester
  • Anti Static
  • Nanofibre

Digital Pulse Jet Controller – Standard Specification

  • Allows various modes of operation including Full Time Pulse or Filter DP Sensor
  • Standard Analogue controller – optional

Extract Fan Assembly

  • Direct Drive or Belt Driven Single Inlet Centrifugal type fan assemblies – optional
    Can be designed/sized/configured to suit specified system criteria
  • Direct on Line or Star Delta Extract Fan starter with Pulse Controller supply output
  • Frequency inverter fan motor control – optional
  • Interconnecting ductwork between Dust Collection unit & Extract Fan assembly inlet and outlet ductwork interconnections and exhaust to atmosphere – all optional

Waste Material Collection

  • Slide Gate Damper on the hopper outlet – optional
  • Rotary Valve on the hopper outlet – optional
  • Increased height steelwork for increased capacity collection bins – optional
  • Increased height steelwork for increased capacity hoppers – optional

Waste Material Collection

ATEX Specification

  • Units can be manufactured to comply with ATEX Specification – optional
  • Explosion Relief panels, side or top mounted – optional
  • Internal & External Earth Bonding – optional

Industrial Dust & Fume Extraction Systems

  • A complete design, manufacture, supply and installation of the Dust Extraction
  • Ductwork system, Collection Unit, Extract Fan assembly, controls facility is available, as an option

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Dust Collection & Extraction Units. LEV Supplied to Industrial Specification. Filter Cartridges, Extraction Fans, ATEX Spec. Explosion Relief Panels. Internal & External Earth Bonding. Manufactured in UK, British Made.

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