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Unimatic Industrial Dust Collection Unit Operational Description

The Reverse Jet type Dust Collector Unit comprises two integral chambers.

Unimatic Dust Collection Unit Operational DescriptionThe Dirty Air Chamber includes the incoming high level airflow connection, with air and material passing down through the chamber, incorporating the cylindrical filter cartridges arranged in banks.

Heavy particles bypass the filter elements and fall out into the low level hopper and collection bins.

Extract Air passes through and captures dust loading in the outer filter media section, passing through into the internal clean air section.

The cleaned air then passes through into the main clean air chamber and out through the low level clean air outlet to extract fan/exhaust facility.

The filter cartridges are cleaned by a reverse jet short duration pulse of compressed air.

A manifold and control valves are located on the rear of the clean air chamber. The pulse of compressed air passes down the inside of the filter cartridge, through the filter media, removing the entrained dust loading. This then falls into the low level hopper and collection bins.

Compressed Air Filter Cleaning System

Compressed Air Filter Cleaning System

new-qas-logoEach section of the Collection Unit has a manifold on the rear of the clean air chamber. Each manifold has a main supply connection top and bottom. Connect to either one and ensure spare is blanked/sealed.

Pulse Valves are solid piped to the manifold and into the clean air chamber. Each valve is connected individually to the pulse controller via plastic tubing. See Pulse Controller page for details.

Please also see Specification Options page


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