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Modular Design Enables Location in Restricted Spaces
Engineered for Efficient Operation by Dust Extraction Specialists
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Reverse Pulse Jet, Compressed Air, Industrial Dust Collection Units.

Unimatic Dust Collector Unit

Modular Design for Restricted Space

Unimatic industrial dust collection units differ from other units on the market. They are manufactured and assembled from a unique configuration of Mild Steel Panels and Trays, creating a bespoke and highly adaptable range of dust collection units.The bolted assembly allows numerous panel/tray configurations.

No Dust Hang Up Points

A further benefit of the Unimatic Panel/Tray assembly is that it provides a clean straight through path of waste materials from the dirty air chamber with filter cartridges down into the hopper/bins. Unlike other collection units, we have designed out the internal return edges where material tends to accumulate.

CE  Marked & ATEX Compliant Dust Collection Units

Unimatic dust collection units are CE Marked and confirm to ATEX Directive (94 / 9 / EC) for zones 21 & 22. See Certificate “DCUCertofConf.pdf” here.

Easy Assembly of Unimatic Industrial Dust Collection Units

Unimatic dust collection units are normally supplied to site in two sections – the top filter/plenum housing and the hopper/supporting steelwork assembly. This means that there is only one joint to complete and seal on site.

Unimatic Units – British Made & Available From Stock

new-qas-logoshutterstock_250665856-300x3001 The complete dust extraction units supplied by us are CE Marked, British made and competitively priced. All components and filter cartridges are also British made, high quality products, delivered to you at attractive prices. Please see Specification page.

We carry a selection of units from our range, in stock, available on a 7 – 10 day delivery.

We also offer a fast turnaround on bespoke units. Working with engineers or end users, we can supply your custom built unit, to your spec, in 4 – 6 weeks from confirmation of details.

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For examples of the applications for Unimatic dust collection units please see Projects.

ATEX compliant Reverse Jet Compressed Air Industrial Dust Extraction & Collection Units. British Manufacture, UK. Modular Design for Small, Restricted Space. Filter Cartridges, Accessories Supplied. British Made, Delivery From Stock.

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